Bournemouth – Burnley PICKS (29.11.2017)

In stage 14 in England in the Premier League, Bournemouth receives Burnley’s visit. Both teams are safe at the moment and are soothing away from the red demo line. Bournemouth climbed 4 points over West Ham, the last team to be relegable after 13 rounds (10 points). Both teams can be pleased with the track so far, Burnley even very much. But Bournemouth who is outside the dangerous area has no cause for concern.

Bournemouth has not scored two consecutive wins in the season this season but adds many points due to the fact that they are hard to beat. In 7 stages they have a 7-6 home goal and cash in. Apart from the Huddersfield game, they did not score high scores on their own, and Burnley defends better as a whole due to collective defense and also has better individual and non-promoted players. Neither Bournemouth would be an equal disaster because he would strengthen his position in the ranking. Of the teams under them, West Brom plays with Newcastle and West Ham with Everton, Swansea is going to Chelsea – realistically with a draw can increase the distance to the threshold of relegation and in this match. Bournemouth last season played a 0-0 at Swansea, where it did not matter much in the attack. What is in contrast to the past seasons when they were a proactive team with a nice attack game, but in the current season they changed their tactics to a more reactive and passive but with a better defense. With a solid team well placed in the field like Burnley there will be big problems in the attack.

Burnley defends himself and this season they are in a very honorable place. 7. So far they have played 7 games in a 7-0 golaver, but the goals are very well balanced. With Tottenham and Liverpool for example playing a 1-1 draw, and the offensive force of both Champions League teams is well known. I think that in Bournemouth the main goal will be to not cash in and eventually to score after a counter. This tactic of the daring comes at the Southampton (1-0 victory) and Everton (all 1-0). The fact that they lost with City in high form (3-0), does not say much, virtually everyone has lost to City so far. Burnley is a trustworthy team in the current season, coach Sean Dyche has been making this project for years and this season seems to be theirs. They will not find themselves in defense, they are also pleased with the one who has a good chance of being 0-0. Barnes is a striker like “seconda punta” and does not work very well as the only one pushed forward. And Burnley will have trouble signing up. Irishman Walters will be missing out on the field and today is seeing the performance of the attack all season. In the last round, Burnley lost undeservedly to Arsenal with a penalty from a questionable phase given in the game’s overtime. The team deserved that point and will work a lot on the trip from Dean Court. If he does not deserve to cash in from Arsenal, I do not think he’ll get too easy with Bournemouth.

Under 2,5 goals @ 1.70

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